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What Is Ekklesia Design?

A planning & design firm? A ministry? Yes & Yes.

Ekklesia Design is a full-service, professional practice firm, operating in the market industry of real estate development, landscape architecture, land planning, and community design. However, confessionally-reformed content and explicitly-Christian media are at the core of this missional endeavor, as the foundation for any good and worthy work is a robust theology which seeks to glorify God in every sphere of life. Providing extraordinary quality to our value-aligned clients is the company's goal, while the overarching vision is to build a multi-disciplinary venture which expands Christ's Kingdom (& advocates for truth, beauty, and goodness in this world) one property at a time. 

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Our Founding

The story of Ekklesia Design is one of kind Providence and an unmistakable calling.


It all started out back in a beloved garden, when the founder, Connor Neville, was a young boy in his Grandpa's back yard. Many spring days were well-spent laboring alongside his father (a landscape architect by trade, himself) with an end goal of planting that year's rendition of a beautiful, "theme-garden" of colorful annuals and refreshed perennials. This humble garden bed would reliably serve as the quintessential backdrop to a summertime birthday party, or "lawn fete", wherein friends and family would gather for a celebration of yet another year of life, a love for beauty, and for kindred fellowship. Little did young Connor know at the time, this creative outlet would in-part become his lifelong calling; to work with the beautiful forms of nature in order to create places for human flourishing & social interactions. 

Ekklesia Design originated as a capstone thesis, titled "Redemption of Place", during Connor's tenure of earning his master's of landscape architecture (MLA) degree. The thesis was to design a consultancy model for a Christian landscape architect to work with church congregations & congregants on the missiological strategy of cultural engagement through community development. To put this thesis to the test upon graduation, Connor created Ekklesia Design in 2020, which initially functioned as a social media and content-based ministry with the occasional design project outside of full-time employment at the time. Occasional guest appearances on numerous podcasts & attendance at various Christian networking events led Connor to consider pursuing this venture full-time in God's providential timing.

Connor eventually went on to employ and sharpen his skills at a premiere & boutique firm based out of Franklin, TN (Gamble Design Collaborative, First-class mentorship, friendship, and a breadth of experience & expertise were all gained while at GDC, for which, Ekklesia Design will remain publicly thankful for life. Much of the project work that is displayed on Ekklesia Design's website (to-date) draws upon graphics and client work which were produced by Connor & his collaborators while at GDC. Upon becoming professionally licensed to practice landscape architecture on his own, Connor founded Ekklesia Design LLC and launched the venture full-time in 2024.

a thought-web chart depicting a business model that has multiple entities under a holding

Ekklesia Design's mission is, "to exhort and equip Christians to redeem the place where they have been called & to take dominion."


It's that simple, but there is a lot there to unpack.

Exhorting is the media/ministry side of Ekklesia Design which produces content and advocates for a deepened thoughtfulness in the areas of Christian localism, faithful dominion over land/place, and the means by which we can achieve those scripturally-ordained ends. Exhortation is a compelling call to action, and we employ that language, not-surprisingly, as a pipeline for our business: to call Christians to do the work we have been called to (& to choose Ekklesia Design as your trusted partner in the process!).

Equipping is the professional practice side of Ekklesia Design which produces products & services to assist the saints in the mission of redemptive placemaking. The skills and tools available to a land planner/landscape architect are often underappreciated or underutilized, but Ekklesia Design seeks to change that. One of our major goals is to equip the saints with the right principles, strategies, plans, design drawings, and construction documents (& much more) in order to present an effective witness through their property, for the glory of God and for our enjoyment.

To achieve that chief end, as a professional practice, the profitable means by which we are incentivized to engage this nature of work is a factor of industries/clients which intend to see a return on their investment from developing a piece of land. An ideal client may include Christians who are real-estate developers, Christian school administrators or campus directors, Ministry leaders or officers in local churches, business executives and directors of development, homesteaders and residential home owners, community leaders and parks departments, non-profits, and so on.

The anti-gnostic vision to manifest the gospel on earth (in place), subduing and taking dominion over the Earth and its resources, requires financial investment and physical work to take place - and that is where a professional land planning & landscape architect such as Ekklesia Design comes in to serve.

"For as the Earth brings forth its sprouts, and as a garden causes what is sown in it to sprout up, so the Lord GOD will cause righteousness and praise to sprout up before all the nations." Isaiah 61:11

Ekklesia Design's vision is to see the Earth become Edenified, covered in the knowledge of the Lord as the waters cover the sea (Habakkuk 2:14), and to have Christians everywhere stewarding their local resources and taking dominion over their local lands (soli deo gloria). This will ultimately happen through equipped & engaged local churches (Ephesians 3:10), and ultimately by means of planned & designed places that have been redeemed by Christ (Ps 2:8, Ps 110:1, Col 1:19-20, Rev 22:2).



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