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A plan view, sketch rendering that gives a general sense of the various areas, uses, and character of the proposed site. This deliverable is more refined than a back-of-napkin sketch, but it is typically a black & white drawing overlaid on an aerial image of the site. Not drawn exactly to scale - as it is not intended for construction purposes - but detailed enough to accurately articulate your vision for the site. Valuable as a design process and a graphic product to spatially describe the “concept” of the site and discover previously-overlooked ideas for the spaces.


*For those who are just starting out and thinking about ideas for how to use their property to tell their unique story.




A plan view, color-rendering which paints a more clear picture of a site’s designed layout. How different areas flow into one another and connect are details that get worked out at the master plan level - and while this is more detailed than a concept plan, it is still not intended for construction purposes. The linework is representative of site elements and their detailed dimensions, but may not be exactly to scale. Valuable as a design process and a graphic product to help you thoroughly think through the vision of the site - such that you can leave with a “mastery” of the plan, and begin to consider material specifications and construction approaches.


*For those who have an idea of what you want, and are ready to craft a plan to articulate that vision (and perhaps gain support/funding for it).


Once you have a sense of your site's potential and a master plan crafted, it's time to make your dream become a reality. This package offers a suite of design products & planning services (from refined plans and perspectives renderings, to construction details and thematic presentation graphics for municipal approvals). This is a long-haul, retainer-style package that sees your site development through unto the end. This is a collaborative level of design with various other industry professionals being leveraged for final stamps and approvals.


*For those who are ready and motivated to start building something.

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