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Dominion Maps was founded by the belief that God's story unfolds within the settings of particular places. Where we live, work, worship, and engage as citizens is important to Christ and His Kingdom, and those places ought to be celebrated and memorialized to the glory of God.

Cartography refers to the discipline within the field of geography where drawing (graphein) the world (geo) in a map or 'chart' form (carta) is done artfully. Founded by a Master Landscape Architect, GIS Analyst, and Christian Placemaker (Connor, director of Ekklesia Design), Dominion Maps serves as an outfitter in the reformational work of equipping the people of God (with maps in hand) to go out and build local Christendom.

Christ's Kingdom is expanding - we're gaining ground by filling & subduing the land as the Cultural Mandate and Great Commission call us to - but true dominion on this earth requires a knowledge of a place's resources. Additionally, one must have insight into the lay-of-the-land when considering the demographics of the people that also dwell therein.

Therefore, Dominion Maps seeks to provide high-quality mapping products (for your home, business, church, or ministry/platform) and analytical mapping services (site-suitability selection, resource allocation, demographic trends) for those saints who are taking dominion.


If a picture says a thousand words, then maps offer powerful insights which very few other modes of communication can compete with. Good maps are intuitively readable by everyone, able to communicate simple and complex information seamlessly. This is because maps are essentially an art form, or a set of graphic depictions which convey information and enforce meaning. Through the use of thematic geo-spatial data, you can harness the 'power of where' and make an impact for the Kingdom.

Maps have basic and obvious uses (as a reference tool to navigate by/strategize with, or even as part of a room's decor), but their particular utilization by Christians has yet to become fully realized. Here are three major reasons why maps will add value and provide far-reaching benefits in one's effort to rebuild local Christendom: 1) in order to better understand your current context, 2) to strategize our stewardship efforts with the resources around us, and 3) to redesign our local places for reformation.

We hang pictures on our walls to admire and consider their significance and beauty - why not hang a map of your home town? Why not a map of the location where your church's missionary is serving? How about a map of your church's neighborhood or city context? Or what about a map of your homestead to way-find and show visitors around by? Why maps?  They're to mark and advance Christ's Kingdom, that's why.

Map Your Vision

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